Description StartTime Magnolia (SDS) Augusta (Ingage) Savannah Charleston Marquis Sterling (Ascendum)
Registration 7:00 AM            
Opening 8:00 AM Opening Remarks
Phil Japikse
Keynote 8:15 AM Leaders are Made, Not Born
Phil Japikse
Break/Snack 9:15 AM            
Session 9:35 AM My Team is Awesome And Yours is Too
Kevin Miller
agile Data Management Transformation That Drives Cloud Architecture
Jenifer Spencer
Dockerize Your .NET Development
Lee Brandt
Creating Eloquent Code
Joe Wirtley
Twice the burnout in half the time: how not to plan a sprint
Jon Fazzaro
Kanban for Everything - Managing Software Projects to Binging Netflix
Kat Tornwall
Break 10:35 AM            
Session 10:55 AM Scrum Master Evolution
Robert English
Experiments with Agile at Scale
Kevin Brinley
Building Serverless Applications in AWS
Chris Judd
Querying NoSQL with SQL: HAVING Your JSON Cake and SELECTing it too
Matthew Groves
FeatureBan - A simulation to introduce Kanban basics
David Kane
Hands-On Flow Metrics
Peter Kananen
Lunch/ Vendor Sessions 11:55 AM Agile Work Quality: TDD and Unit Tests (Vendor Session)
Keith Callis
Agile Leaders not Lemmings (Vendor Session)
Dinah Elliott-Mendez
      UI Design in Agile (Vendor Session)
Peter Gajos
Session 1:10 PM Can Elephants Collaborate? Understanding the Three Keys to Breakthrough Teams
Mike Ackerbauer
Breaking Out Of IT
Dan GreenLeaf
Cloud Solution Throwdown!
John Riley
React And Your .NET Core MVC App
Lee Brandt
12 Steps to an Agile Mindset
Sam O'Brien
Kanban Board: "You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All"
Mike Ritchie
Break/Snack 2:10 PM            
Session 2:40 PM Elephant Carpaccio – Creating More Value with Thinly Sliced User Stories
Michael Wallace
Transformation from the trenches; an agile tale in progress
Amber Steedle
Integrate All the Things: PowerApps and Microsoft Flow for Developers
Brian T. Jackett
Exploring REST Web Services
Mike Smith
My Agile Journey: What I Learned About Agile That I Couldn’t Learn From a Book
Chris Shinkle
Scrum is Agile; Agile is NOT Scrum
Heather Tooill
Break 3:40 PM            
Session 4:00 PM The Elephant in the Room is Wearing a Red Hat
Britta August
Agile Scaling and Culture
chuck suscheck
Add Intelligence to Your App with Computer Vision
Brian Sherwin
Put Some FP in Your OOP
Michael Richardson
Loving Estimation: Maintaining Safety with our Terrible Terrible Guesses
Michael Rogers
CardUnit: A Unit Testing Simulation
David Kane
Conference End 5:00 PM