Session Details

Title: Experiments with Agile at Scale

Speaker: Kevin Brinley

Time/Room: 10:55 AM/Augusta (Ingage)

Abstract: How do you coordinate an entire technology department and still be Agile? This session will cover some of the experiments NextGear Capital has tried with running Agile at Scale. When your organization gets to have more than just a few teams working on one product, many organizations begin experimenting with Agile at Scale, either by adopting a popular framework or cobbling together sets of practices they like. NextGear Capital is no different and has tried many different experiments. In this session, we’ll talk candidly over some of the scaling experiments we’ve run, what we’ve been successful with, and what we’ve tried and failed. * Scrum of Scrums * Communities of Practice * Enterprise Portfolio Planning * Piloting elements of SAFe with 1 Release Train * Rolling out SAFe to the Enterprise * Changing Program Increment to 3 Sprints * Forming Program Teams

Topic: Scaling/Transformational Agile

Target Audience: Intermediate

Keywords: Scaled Agile, SAFe, Portfolio Planning