Session Details

Title: 12 Steps to an Agile Mindset

Speaker: Sam O'Brien

Time/Room: 1:10 PM/Marquis

Abstract: Companies looking for the benefits of speed to market, increased ROI, improved product quality or timely delivery often choose to adopt Agile Methodology. Cultural transformation can present challenges. Our Agile practice must begin with an Agile mindset. This talk will guide you along the path to establishing an understanding of how to think Agile. This talk is a somewhat humorous and equally serious look at the foundations of our craft. While this talk is geared more toward new Agile practitioners and teams embarking upon an Agile Transformation, veterans can also gain some new insights with this refresher. We dive into the basic Principles discussing team benefits, business benefits, meaning of the Principles and Agile practices guided by the Principles.

Topic: Agile Methodologies

Target Audience: General

Keywords: Agile principles,