Session Details

Title: Kanban Board: "You Say It Best When You Say Nothing At All"

Speaker: Mike Ritchie (Sydney Johnson)

Time/Room: 1:10 PM/Sterling (Ascendum)

Abstract: How many times have you heard stakeholders ask: - When are you going to be done? - Why is it taking so long? - When are you going to start working on my stuff? Join us as we explore how a Kanban board answers these questions without saying a thing. In this session, we will learn how Kanban boards communicate what is being worked on in priority order, the progress being made and any issues preventing work from being completed. This information can be visualized more easily so that better questions can be asked sooner and addressed faster. You will walk away being comfortable enough to create your own board, drive team discussions, adapt your board along the way. You will also have be provide with some helpful tips to guide along the way.

Topic: Agile Methodologies

Target Audience: Introduction

Keywords: Kanban, WIP, KanbanBoard, Visualize, Throughput, Cycletime, Leadtime, ToDo, Doing, Done. Flow, Collaboration, Inspect,Team, Forecast