Session Details

Title: Twice the burnout in half the time: how not to plan a sprint

Speaker: Jon Fazzaro

Time/Room: 9:35 AM/Marquis

Abstract: We've got this Scrum thing down, right? Put the requirements doc in the backlog, build it out two weeks at a time, and have stand-ups. Voilà, twice the work in half the time. In other news: agile is a noun, estimation is a science, and hours times heads equals capacity. Scrum works, but only if we can nail that planning meeting. Let's take a look at how not to plan a sprint, and what you and your team can do instead to deliver value, roll with change, build trust, and go home happy.

Topic: Agile Methodologies

Target Audience: General

Keywords: Agile, Scrum, Sprint Planning, You're holding it wrong